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The Walls Of The Universe

Here Be Monsters

30 September 1970
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80s music, abba, alan garner, alan lee, alan moore, aphex twin, archaeology, art, as byatt, bert jansch, beth orton, big ships, bill bryson, bjork, blondie, blur, castles, cathedrals, charlotte bronte, chemical brothers, christmas, conkers, custard, daft punk, doctor who, donnie darko, dragons, duran duran, dystopia, early genesis, elgar, eliza carthy, emily bronte, enid blyton, extreme weather, fairport convention, father ted, firefly, folklore, food, galloway, gardening, giant hogweed, holst, jane austen, japan, jethro tull, jg ballard, john martyn, jose gonzalez, joy division, kaiser chiefs, kate bush, kate rusby, killing joke, kittens, kurt vonnegut, lancashire, led zeppelin, lewis carroll, life on mars, madonna, magners, manics, marmite, martyn bennett, megaliths, mervyn peake, mike leigh, motorhead, movies, mrs pepperpot, muse, neil gaiman, new order, nine inch nails, particle accelerators, pavement, pentangle, peter kay, philip larkin, philip pullman, pink floyd, pirates, poetry, pre-raphaelites, prodigy, pulp, radiohead, rammstein, randy newman, reeves and mortimer, robin hood, rupert the bear, samuel palmer, sandman, seamus heaney, seth lakeman, shameless, sisters of mercy, stone circles, susanna clarke, sylvia plath, tam lin, tarot, ted hughes, tennyson, the breeders, the cure, the fall, the human league, the klf, the league of gentlemen, the only ones, the pixies, the pogues, the sea, the smiths, the undertones, the wicker man, theme tunes, thomas hardy, tolkien, tolkien society, torchwood, toys, u2, van morrison, vashti bunyan, vaughan-williams, vikings, vulcan bombers, watchmen, whitby, william blake, william morris, wood whittling, wordsworth, yeats, york, yoyos