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Given all the guff in the papers about how Gordon Brown should shift himself from No. 10 because Cameron won the election, here's some information on that from someone who works in The Thick Of It all. The newspapers are selling some mis-information.

In the event of a Hung parliament what's happened is that no one leader can 'command the confidence of the Commons', i.e. be assured of being able to win votes. The PM is therefore obliged to stay in office and carry on the business of running the country until such a time as one person can 'command confidence'. This was planned for ahead of the election. Once someone can reach that position, then Gordon Brown (if it is not him who commands this 'confidence') will tender resignation to the Queen, who will invite someone else to be PM. And this can in theory be absolutely anyone, Clegg, Cameron, Vince Cable, Eric Pickles, Harriet Harman, anyone who is an MP and can garner a majority following.

If no agreement is reached then Brown may if he chooses stand down and Cameron may be invioted to be PM leading a minority Government. He will have to hope that the opposition parties will vote yes in any votes. If not, then there's a Vote of No Confidence - and either he will ahve to stand down as PM, call another election, or someone else from any party will be chosen as PM.

The Civil Service is staying in 'purdah' for now, carrying on the work already in progress from before the election (but not making any new commitments in policy or finance).

Cameron didn't win the election. Nobody did.


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