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Not spoiler-y.

The new Doctor Who was somewhat spoiled by the first few minutes featuring a Scottish child with the most incomprehensible accent since Rab C Nesbitt. Normally I have no problem with Scots accents, even the Dundee one, but this poor kid sounded like a bag of nerves and was mumbling so much I had to resort to the subtitles, which ruined it.

The rest of the show was overall top fun! Matt Smith was great, I'll be glad to see how he goes on when he's settled down - he's still got the DTs - i.e. the David Tennants - he was just as nervy and over energetic as Tennat was when he started. I feel sure he'll get calmer, angrier and darker. I think Karen Gillan will be interesting - a bit sparky and argumentative. And what about her posse of blokes? I think Jeff and Rory will be seen again.

But who was Jeff? And who was Annette Crosbie supposed to be? That was one problem, poor storytelling - I got little sense of who these extra characters were. What Meera Syal's point was, God only knows. It was a bit like they'd crammed a tonne of characters in for no reason. That's not so good and I wonder why they did it? To replace the vast cast built up in the previous series?

Lots of backstory though, and lots of myth to come by the sounds of it. I hope it stays dark. I liked the 'raggedy Doctor' thing, with all the little drawings, dolls and so on. I liked the way they obviously referenced Hot Fuzz with the village green and all the characters standing around, and also that deeply, deeply naff thing with the Doctor and the jerky mind reading/swivel eye/spinning camera crap, which we saw Simon Pegg doing in Hot Fuzz. Very funny.

It stood up to the excitement! It had some things to worry me, namely the sketchy storytelling (and I've never been convinced Moffat is a good storyteller - he has good ideas but not plots), but it's looking good! It all depends on having an ace Doctor and Smith is exactly that!

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