May 24th, 2007

wicker man

Something For Rune - The Sean Bean Nation

Anyway, I looked at them vids Rune posted. Sniff. Actually I will let him off because while they may have been Liverpool vids, they were having a pop at Man U and that is always to be encouraged.

I thought Rune may like this. There's a craze for Blades in Sheffield to chant "Sean Bean Nation" to the tune of "Zombie Nation" right now and here is some evidence:

There's hundreds of vids of blokes doing this on You Tube!
wicker man

McDumbing Down

I see McDonalds have started a campaign and an online petition to get the Oxford English Dictionary to change the definition of "McJob".

This is currently defined as:
"an unstimulating low-paid job with few prospects"

The OED is "the definitive record of the English language". It is not a corporate recruiting tool, nor does it exist to redefine our own understanding of the English language. It exists merely to record both common and uncommon definitions.

Alas for McDonalds and all who work (and eat) in her, one derogatory term has cropped up linked to the company, but it is certainly not the OED's place to change that definition - it merely records how words are used. And nor should it bow to these pressures - the OED also includes some much more unsavoury terms and words and tells us what they mean. That's what dictionaries do - how dumb can McDonalds get?

And our own MP Clive Betts is even involved! Plus Digby Jones! For shame! The N word is an unpleasant one too, but just by changing what a dictionary says it means does not change what those who use or hear it believe it means!

Is this slightly sinister? Big business seeking to exercise Orwellian powers over the language?